Business Profile

Choice Conveyancing is the trading name of Vinemarc Pty Ltd.
ABN 55 109 273 494.

Vinemarc Pty Ltd is a Partnership, owned by Susan E. Stante and Ray Wilson, MBE.

Sue is the Company Director and she supervises the conveyancing matters whilst Ray supervises company matters and financial control.

Choice Conveyancing holds Government Conveyancing Licence
No 000304L.

Choice has an enviable reputation for outstanding service and, as a consequence, has increased client and transaction numbers by over 400% in the past five years. The ‘Client Base’ includes companies and individuals and transactions range from individual files to multi file sub divisions.

Senior Personnel Profile

Sue Stante
Sue’s conveyancing experience commenced in 1969 when she commenced work in a legal office as a trainee conveyancing clerk. In 1985 she opened her own business, Sue’s Conveyancing’; which she operated until 1994. After a short break, she worked as a Conveyancer in a local Conveyancing Company for a number of years until, in 2004, she was invited to become a Partner in Vinemarc Pty Ltd.

When the State Government introduced licensing requirements for Conveyancers, Sue met all the qualification requirements and was one of the first to be issued with Conveyancing Licence No 000303L.

Ray Wilson
Ray is a retired Army Officer who was awarded the MBE for his outstanding service in the fields of Equipment Management and Accounting. After retiring, he was engaged by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria as the Regional Financial & Administrative Consultant for Geelong and Werribee district and supervised the introduction of computer accounting in Primary schools.

He supervises all Choice accounting and finance matters.